These Are A Few of Our Favorite Things

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After trying 5 (yes 5!) strollers, this BabyJogger City Mini GT stroller is my favorite! Easy to get in/out of the car and all-terrain tires make it the best around the city sidewalks


This little magic  (aka SkinCeuticles Serum) in a bottle keeps my SUPER dry skin hydrated and feeling like a baby's bottom. 

It DOES matter what hair dryer you use! I'm not professional, but the DryBar Buttercup has cut my drying time in HALF.  Mommy Win!

I have this Marc Jacobs bag in a diaper bag version and now also this backpack. Love the simplicity, love the roomy pockets and the durability!

My Nutri-Ninja blender can make a protein shake or a margarita in 45 seconds flat. 


My Primal Pit Paste is a natural deodorant that keeps my pits dry and odor-free after a hard workout!.

Having dark circles, I have tried it all. This Amazing Concealer (that's the name!) is truly amazing....and you only need a little bit!

This Skip-Hop Fold-and-Go placemat is perfect for restaurant outings or even playing with Play-Doh at home. 

The Munchkin 360is a lifesaver....because it's is actually spillproof! And not to worry - all parts are dishwasher safe.  If they weren't, this would definitely not be one of my favorite things 


Unfortunately weekly facials just isn't realistic. But these Dr. Denn Gross peel pads have been part of my routine for years .  They hold me over until I can see my dermatologist or aesthetician.

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with Nocciolatta. Obssessed. The flavor very rich and delicious and it is made with all organic ingredients.  It almost justifies the extra spoonful.  


does this need explanation?


This Calvin Klein dress is the perfect all-purpose work-to-night attire. This is my go-to for days when I am going from work (wear this with a sweater/jacket) to meeting my friends for cocktails

These are a must in our house.  We keep a pack in the stroller, in the diaper bag, and in Brielle’s bedroom.

I put this Trish McEvoy on my eye lids every day! If I wear eye shadow, the base holds it in place.  If I forego the shadow, the base brightens my eyes and conceals how few hours I slept the night before.

Rose, eucalyptus and spearmint scented candles are my favorite! They bring a calm and relaxing vibe to your home or office. Perfect as a hostess gift too!


I swear by this eyeshadow palette by . I love Urban Decay. I love all of the neutral and light pink shades. I rock this with everything, day or night, and it works well with all skin tones.

These Yosi Samra flats are comfy, stylish and they fold up so easily in your purse or clutch for a night out! They come in many different colors and patterns for all seasons.

I wear different patterns of these leggings everyday for work at the barre, running errands or just a casual day out. They are so comfortable and great quality.

I go to Manhattan on the regular and consider a carrier my savior for navigating subway steps. My 30-pound two year old fits comfortably in this Tula carrier and I can walk for miles.


What's the point of having a little girl if you can't paint their toenails? I kid, I kid ... but I also adore this Piggy Paint nontoxic, toddler friendly nail polish. 

I put my "good" jewelry away the second my baby was mobile. Still, I've found accessories make you look more put together in seconds, and love the pop of color these Alex and Ani bracelets add to a yoga pants + t shirt combo.  

I am so low-maintenance when it comes to a "beauty routine," but I've sworn by this primer for the past year. It seriously reduces lines like whah. 

A delicious, organic, caffeine-free alternative to coffee! I would guzzle the real stuff all day if I could - but the side effects of too much caffeine are gnarly. I love having a cup of this tea in the afternoon with a little bit of cream, it tastes just like the real thing!


Dr. Bronners soap is versatile, delicious smelling and lasts forever! I only have to buy a few of these a year and I use it for everything - bubble bath, soap, shaving cream, even shampoo in a pinch!

These Bumkin bibs are inexpensive, easy to clean and are a life saver for new (and messy!) eaters. I have one on hand at all times. They come in super cute designs too!

These Athleta yoga pants are comfy, cute, and flattering. I love to wear them for their intended purpose of working out, but also for lazy Sundays and errands!

This is my favorite eye cream. I've tried others, but i keep coming back to this one!


These Tegu blocks have entertained my daughter throughout every restaurant meal. Enough said!

The perfect car seat for travel! It is inexpensive, lightweight and fits right into the Mountain Buggy Nano or Maclaren Quest.

This OXO grape cutter seems silly, until you realize how much time you spend cutting grapes! Plus, its an easy & fun way to let your child help!

I love (and often need) a good strong coffee on the reg and this Nespresso machine delivers just that!


In the early 90’s I fell victim to over-plucking my eyebrows and unfortunately, they never grew back. Today, you will never catch me out of the house without my brows filled in with Anastasia’s Brow Wiz Pencil.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix Finishing Spray – I swear by this finishing spray. It’s one makeup product every woman should have in their makeup bag. Spray evenly on face after applying makeup and it will keep your makeup intact all day (as long as you’re not constantly touching your face). 

Rompers are the easiest on babies, especially when you are dressing two at a time (I am a twin-momma!). These rompers will be on my boys all summer long!

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HEADER PHOTO CREDIT: Danielle Guenther Photography